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A Recommendation Engine for the Art World

Leonardo transforms the way art is discovered, experienced, and shared.
When your services are powered by Leonardo, your users will discover more art they love more quickly.

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Learn What They Love

Like Pandora, after a few interactions, Leonardo learns your individual users’ tastes. Whether it’s photography shot on rainy streets of London, or vivid impressionist colors to brighten a dining room, Leonardo uses hundreds of art attributes to learn what they love.

Visual Search

Imagine an engine that can serve the top 10 artworks that will truly delight each user from a database of millions – and make YOU look good.

Instant Personalization

Leonardo learns what your users love from their activity on other sites providing a personalized experience the first time they visit your service.

Easy Integration

Start with a simple test to measure Leonardo’s uplift on your users’ conversions. Leonardo does not slow you down, working behind the scenes, while your website maintains its performance and unique look & feel.